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First and foremost, the most important features that any residential building can offer to its residents are security and peace of mind, and the Alcoves has plenty of this to spare. There are always a couple of security personnel manning the lobby at all times. Their responsibilities include screening the building’s guests and making sure that uninvited people cannot enter the building. There are also a couple of guards constantly roving the hallways and public spaces of the Alcoves so they can respond immediately if there are any intruders, or if any of the residents need assistance of any kind.

For added measure, there are also dozens of security cameras installed in strategic places all over the condominium building. These cameras have unblinking eyes who will constantly monitor every public space in the Alcoves, so if anything does manage to slip by the security guards, which is a distinct impossibility, they will not escape the watchful eyes of the security cameras.

Other additional safety features that are put in place all over the Alcoves are smoke and fire alarms in every unit and in every corridor of the two towers, a sprinkler system, and several fire hoses at every floor. You do not have to worry about your family’s safety and well-being because they are in good hands in the Alcoves.

The two towers have three basement level parking areas. Every unit has its own parking slot or two and the others are for guests of the residents. There are more than enough parking spaces so you do not need to worry about your guests not having a place to leave their cars. On the other hand, since the Alcoves are directly connected to the Ayala Mall, your guests can just park over there and head over to condominium.

There are two amenity levels in the Alcoves, the first one is on the 4th floor. On this level, you will find a huge landscaped garden and the kiddie and wading/lounge pools for when you just want to sit and cool yourself in the water. Aside from the pools, there are also shower and bathroom areas, and the indoor play area where your kids can play with the other children in the condo.

If you need a large space for a party or any kind of social gathering that you have planned, you can rent the Great Hall or any one of the other social halls. These wide open, indoor spaces are perfect for parties, programs, or anything that you have in mind. There is also a boardroom for when you need a place to hold meetings or anything similar.

The second amenity level is on the 35th floor. Here, you will find a large lap pool, a viewing deck that overlooks the entire city of Cebu, a fitness gym, and a covered lounge area. The lap pool is actually deep and wide enough that you can use it to exercise. Just a couple of laps will be enough to get your heart pumping. If you have other kinds of exercises in mind, you can head over to the gym. The gym may not be as large or as equipped as commercial gyms that charge for membership but it is enough for basic exercises at least. Also, it has a couple of fitness trainers who can help guide you towards your fitness goals.

  • 2,500 sqm landscaped garden deck
  • Kiddie pool
  • Lounge pool
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  • Function rooms
  • Veranda
  • Lap pool
  • Pool lounge
  • Fitness gym
  • Concierge services
  • Mail room
  • Administration office
  • Water and fire services
  • Centralized sanitary disposal system
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